Yoga Pose of the Month: Warrior 2

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It’s a new month, and that means it’s time for a new pose/asana. July’s yoga pose of the month is Warrior 2.

Warrior 2 (virabhadrasana II) is a powerful stretch for the chest, groin, and legs. It also increases stamina, helps to relieve backaches, and stimulates healthy digestion. It also:

  • Strengthens the muscles in your thighs and butts.
  • Tones the abdomen, ankles, and arches of feet.
  • Opens the chest and shoulders.
  • Increases your ability to focus; distractions go away, and your energy becomes more powerful and concentrated.

How to do it

  1. Start in mountain pose (stand tall; feet hip distance, toes spread; arms by your side, palms facing out to the wall in front of you). Take five deep breaths here.
  2. Exhale, and take a big step forward with your right foot. Your feet should be about four to five feet apart; make sure your heels are aligned.
  3. Turn your right foot out at 90 degrees, toes pointing to the edge of the mat. Your left foot should be parallel with the short edge of the back of your mat.
  4. Lift through the arches of your feet, and root down through your ankles.
  5. Your right knee should be bent right above your ankle (90 degrees) or slightly behind. Make any adjustments to make this possible. Sink your hips, and be sure your thigh is parallel to the ground.
  6. Press down into the outer edge of your left foot, keeping it straight.
  7. Raise your arms so they’re parallel to the floor; fingers spread, palms facing down, arms strong. Look out over your middle right finger.
  8. Hold five to 10 breaths.
  9. To release and take it to the other side, inhale and press down through your left foot, and straighten your right leg. Lower your arms. Turn to your left, reversing the position of your feet, and repeat for as long as you did on the right.


  • Get the foot and leg placement first.
  • Be sure your front knee is in line with your ankle or slightly behind.
  • Focus on a single, non-moving point.
  • Connect with your warrior strength.

“Warrior II can be an effective way to build a feeling of inner strength and power. As you practice this pose on a regular basis, you will grow in your ability to face daily battles with ease and grace.” –

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