Mantra of the Week: 11/16/20

Black Mom's Guide to Calm

The past couple of weeks have been a lesson for me in trusting in Divine timing. And I can admit: At times, it’s been a challenge for me. I’ve been feeling like things are moving slowly, and I’ve been a little discouraged. Thankfully, Spirit keeps sending me these little reminders. One thing I’ve had to realize/remember that just like the Earth has seasons, our lives do, too. And to have more peace, joy and harmony in my life, I have to embrace whatever season I’m in as if I chose it. There’s something to learn from every experience, whether “good” or “bad.” (I’m using quotes because, in my opinion, it’s a matter of perception).

Spirit has also reminded me to:⠀

* Stop looking at other people.⠀
* Focus on my purpose and mission.⠀
* Keep the faith and be grateful in the here and now.⠀
* Trust MY own beautiful journey. ⠀

I encourage you to trust the journey you’re on, and trust Divine Timing knowing that Spirit/your Higher Power has your back. Always, in all ways.

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