10 Affirmations for Your Throat Chakra

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Chakras refer to the wheels of energy throughout our bodies in yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. There are seven main chakras that align the spine, starting at the base and through the crown of your head. Because they affect our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being, it’s important that the chakras stay open, fluid, and aligned.

Located at the center of your throat, the throat chakra relates to our self-expression, communication, speaking our truth and listening.

When your throat chakra is unbalanced/unhealed, you might experience:

  • Issues with expressing yourself authentically.
  • Difficulty speaking your mind/your truth.
  • Challenges around communicating your feelings.

When it’s healed and balanced, you likely experience:

  • The ability to speak your truth with ease.
  • Expression of your authentic self.
  • The ability to listen to others.

Associated color: blue

Crystals to use: lapis lazuli, sodalite, amazonite,  aquamarine.

Affirmations are a great way to heal and balance your chakras. Here are 10 to use for your throat:

  1. I speak my truth with ease.
  2. I express myself easily and authentically.
  3. I love being my authentic self.
  4. I’m open, clear and honest when I communicate.
  5. I listen to others.
  6. It is okay for me to express my wants and needs.
  7. I use my words to create my world.
  8. I speak clearly, confidently and effectively.
  9. I live my truth.
  10. My voice matters.

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