21 Affirmations for 2021

Black Mom's Guide to Calm

A new year is here, making it a great time to start (or continue) being intentional about what we’re calling into our lives because as I’m sure you know (or have heard), our words have power. And although we can’t control everything that happens to/around us or even what thoughts pop into our heads, we can control the words we speak to ourselves (which is super important) and the thoughts we choose to focus on.

If you’ve been around these parts for even a little while, you know how much I love affirmations. They help me:

  • Tap into my inner peace, especially when life is overwhelming.
  • Remember who TF I am.
  • Create a more positive mindset that serves me and my life.

Since it’s the start of a new year, I wanted to share 21 affirmations you can use for more calm, harmony and self-love:

  1. I am in the flow of life.
  2. I trust the magic of divine timing.
  3. Everything is happening for me.
  4. Life is conspiring in my favor
  5. I can (and do) choose peace.
  6. I can handle life’s challenges.
  7. I am so f*cking worthy and more than enough.
  8. I remember who TF I am: amazing, talented, gifted, loveable and all-around badass.
  9. I am manifesting a beautiful life.
  10. I make my peace a priority.
  11. I prioritize myself and my needs.
  12. I love myself just as I am now.
  13. I love being authentically me.
  14. I am always loved and supported by Spirit, my ancestors and my Higher Self.
  15. I call all of my power back to me and stand in it always.
  16. I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams.
  17. Everything is always working out for me.
  18. I allow my best to be good enough every day.
  19. I take inspired action, focus on what I can control and let Spirit handle the rest.
  20. I am confident in who I am and what I offer in any scenario.
  21. I deserve to take care of me — mind, body and spirit.

Want to keep these affirmations as a reminder? Download them here.

If you’re ready to bring in more calm and inner peace this year, my Finding Calm in 2021 Class is for you! Learn more and sign up here.

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