How many children are named Karma?

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How common is the name Karma?

Karma first appeared on the American charts in 2005 so the name hasn’t been in circulation for very long. It is still rarely used and resides near the bottom of the Top 1000 list of girl names.

Can I name my daughter Karma?

Karma as a girl’s name is of Hindi and Sanskrit origin meaning “fate or destiny”. In Buddhism and Hinduism, karma is the inevitable effect of actions during life.

Is there a person named Karma?

Most Famous Person Named Karma

The name Karma is considered very unique in the world, and no other famous people have this specific name.

Is Karma a good name for a child?

Karma became a popular girl’s name in the state of Utah in the year 1934. It ranked #77 with 15 babies.

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Is Karma a God?

It is said in the Puranas that the lord of karma is the planet Saturn, Shani. There are three different types of karma: prarabdha, sanchita, and kriyamana or agami.

Karma in Hinduism.

Translations of Karma
Balinese ᬓᬃᬫ (karma)
Bengali কর্ম (kôrmô)
Hindi कर्म (karma)
Javanese ꦏꦂꦩ (karma)

What name is Karma short for?

A short form of Karen.

What names means death?

Human Names That Mean Death

  • Clay. The name Clay means “mortal” or “one who is subject to death any moment of his life.” …
  • Loralie/Lorelai/Loreley. No matter how you spell it, the name “Lorelai” refers to a beautiful woman who leads a man to death. …
  • Azrael. …
  • Damien. …
  • Achlys. …
  • Bacia. …
  • Kek/Kauket. …
  • Mabuz.

What does the name Karma mean for a boy?

Sanskrit Baby Names Meaning:

In Sanskrit Baby Names the meaning of the name Karma is: Actions are fate. Buddhist and Hindu concept of the inevitable effect of one’s life actions.

What are the most unique girl names?

Classically Unique Baby Girl Names

  • Stella.
  • Tayla.
  • Taylor.
  • Tory.
  • Violet.
  • Willa.
  • Xena.
  • Elodie.

What does the name Kai mean?

In Hawaiian culture, it means “sea.” In Japanese culture, “shell.” In Europe, Kai is perceived as having Frisian roots, a short form of the name Kaimbe, meaning “warrior.”1 Kai is also considered to have Welsh, Scandinavian, and Greek roots; its meaning is “keeper of the keys; earth.” African, Chinese, Korean, Native …

What name means fate?

Kismet, the Turkish name, meaning ‘fate’, is derived from an Arabic word, which means the same.

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What does the name Karama mean?

In Swahili, Karama means “Gracious gift from God.” It is to be distinguished from ‘zawadi’ which are gifts from one person to another. In Arabic, Karama means “Honor, dignity”. Also, I once got an email from a Russian guy named Karama who said the karama means “polar bear” in Russian.

What names mean Badluck?

Mallory. The name Mallory means “unfortunate” or “bad luck.” Why not just adopt a black cat when little Mallory is born?

Why is Karma named Karma?

Derived from the Sanskrit word karman, meaning “act,” the term karma carried no ethical significance in its earliest specialized usage. In ancient texts (1000–700 bce) of the Vedic religion, karma referred simply to ritual and sacrificial action.

What is similar to Karma?


  • atmosphere.
  • aura.
  • fate.
  • feeling.
  • kismet.
  • power.
  • vibrations.