Quick Answer: Where is the light karma Shop Ninja legends?

Where is the light karma shop in ninja legends?

It is found near the spawn, next to the leaderboard and the island portals. This shop requires Souls, Chi, or Evil Karma for upgrades.

How do you unlock the Light Shop in ninja legends?

The Light Karma Shop is one of two Karma Shops available in Ninja Legends. Players need at least positive Karma, which represents good karma to open the shop.

Where are the light training areas in ninja legends?

Training Areas

Training Area Karma Cost Location
Mystical Waters 100 Light karma Below Tundra Island
Lava Pit 100 Dark Karma Below Eternal Island
Tornado 250 Dark Karma Below Sandstorm
Sword of Legends 1000 Light Karma Behind Eternal Boss

How do I get evil karma in ninja legends?

Evil Karma is a reputation. It can be increased by killing Light Karma players or Neutral players. You can also increase your Evil Karma by the Evil Karma Chest in Mythical Souls Island. It is used as requirements to buy Dark Skills and ranks from Dark Karma Shop.

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Where is fallen Infinity Blade?

The Fallen Infinity blade is a training area located at the Altar Of Elements in Ninja Legends. It multiplies your ninjitsu by 25X with Masterful Training, it is 50X, and with Legendary Training, 125X.

What are ninja legends codes?

Below is a full list of working codes that you can currently redeem in Ninja Legends 2:

  • bossbattle300: 300 Shards.
  • epictower350: 350 Coins.
  • epicturrets450: 300 Shards.
  • Firstplanet250: 250 Shards.
  • newgame500: 500 Shards.
  • powers500: 500 Shards.
  • shurikencity500: 750 Coins.
  • treeninja400: 400 Coins.

Where is the dark tornado in ninja legends?

The Elemental Tornado is a training area located below the Midnight Shadow Island .

What are the islands in ninja legends?


  • Enchanted Island.
  • Astral Island.
  • Mystical Island.
  • Space Island.
  • Tundra Island.
  • Eternal Island.
  • Sandstorm.
  • Thunderstorm.

What are the purple things in ninja legends?

The Purple Crystal is a crystal in Ninja Legends, It was added to the game since the release. Players will find the crystal located in the Valley for 2K chi.

How do you get good karma?

How to Attract Good Karma

  1. Step 1: Love and forgive yourself. Most people, at one time or another, find themselves battling low self-esteem, self-blame and self-doubt. …
  2. Step 2: Love and forgive others. Holding grudges holds you back. …
  3. Step 3: Practice kindness and compassion. …
  4. Step 4: Reflect. …
  5. Step 5: Practice.