What does karmic retribution mean in Undertale?

Karmic retribution does mean that whoever has commited more sins will get more bad things in return and sans does use it in game. On a genocide run where you kill all the monsters in the underground and you commit the most sin is the only place where you get to fight sans and see karma in effect.

What does karma mean in Undertale?

Almost all of Sans’s attacks use KARMA (KR). This effect applies (to use terms of a general RPG) a “poison” effect to the attack: getting hit for even one frame inflicts not just the one damage, but also increases KARMA by some amount (depending on the attack).

What does KR stand for Sans?

KR means Karmic Retribution. It is the posion effect you get during the Sans fight.

What do blue bones mean in Undertale?

Blue bones deal 3 damage per hit; the white bone deals 4 damage.

How do you avoid blue attacks in Undertale?

You can do one of the following: act, item, spare, or fight. In the case of Papyrus, doing an action or an attempt to spare Papyrus leads him to use his blue attack on you. Remain completely still during the attack. Doing so means that all of the blue bones will not hurt you.

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Does Sans have karmic retribution?

Karmic retribution does mean that whoever has commited more sins will get more bad things in return and sans does use it in game.

What does yellow mean in Undertale?

The Yellow Soul is a soul that you encounter when you press the Yellow Button after Dr. Alphys upgrades your phone. Their associated items are the Empty Gun and the Cowboy Hat, Bought from Bratty and Catty. It’s very similar to the Red Soul, but with a shooting mechanic.

What is Undertale fandom?

Undertale’s stigma as a toxic fandom arose after incidents involving harassed YouTubers, pornography, and fans who plastered the internet with in-game jokes. Over time, a game that started out as heartwarming and lovable gained infamy for supposedly having one of the worst fandoms on the internet.

Does Papyrus have Gaster blasters?

So yeah Papyrus has Gaster Blasters. He got it from Gaster, his father, for protection against people, but he never uses them since he’s believes in everyone and won’t try to kill someone ever.

What happens if Papyrus kills you?

If Mettaton EX is spared, he appears only as his torso and head when the game returns to the overworld view. This happens even if the protagonist ends the fight before his limbs fall off. However, if he is killed, he appears in his original box form in the overworld view, but destroyed.

Who Seraphim Sans?

Seraphim Sans is a Sans that began existing after Sans killed Frisk and then absorbed the other six human Souls.

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Is Underswap Sans a Yandere?

He is NOT a Yandere despite what arisen from Blueberry and does not have strong feelings for Fell! Sans or Dust! sans, which are common ships used with Blueberry.

Is Papyrus holding back?

Although Papyrus’ boss battle is much easier than Sans’, there is a lot of implication in the game that he is holding back and is as strong if not stronger than Sans.

What happens if you spare Papyrus in genocide?

Fandom. What if you choose genocidal, but you don’t kill Papyrus? Then you go to the Neutral route. If you choose to spare anything at any point during a Genocide route, it automatically becomes the Neutral route.