Best answer: Did von Karma care about Edgeworth?

Is von Karma and Edgeworth related?

The von Karmas are a German family of which three are known by name: late Prosecutor Manfred von Karma, his prosecuting prodigy daughter Franziska von Karma, and Miles Edgeworth by adoption.

Are Phoenix and Edgeworth friends?

They became childhood friends after Miles stood up for Phoenix in a dramatic classroom trial, inspiring the latter to take up a career as a defence attorney. But their paths diverged, chiefly due to the trauma Edgeworth experienced when his father died—trauma that would fuel his relentless chase of criminals later on.

Is Edgeworth a bad guy?

Appearances. Edgeworth’s first appearance was in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, where he is introduced as an antagonist prosecutor with a perfect record, who would do anything to win a trial; he is presented as respectable, but cold and ruthless.

Is Edgeworth a good guy?

Though he’s still a little cold, and tends to be stiff and awkward around people, the new Edgeworth is a good guy at heart. Edgeworth’s antisocial manner, serious demeanor, and fabulous cravat are all direct results of his upbringing under Manfred von Karma.

Does Franziska von Karma return?

Return to America

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One year after Engarde’s conviction, Franziska was appointed as an acting prosecutor to another case with Wright, and she returned to America for another chance to defeat him.

Was Edgeworth adopted?

In the first game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Von Karma is introduced as a veteran prosecutor who has not lost a single case in his forty-year career, having adopted future “demon prosecutor” Miles Edgeworth following his father Gregory’s murder fifteen years earlier.

Why did Phoenix become a hobo?

Presumably because of Capcom wanting him to be included in the game with the new protagonist, Phoenix Wright was made into a passive and unmotivated individual, becoming known as “hobo Phoenix” by the fans.

Who is Phoenix Wright love interest?

Phoenix has only had one girlfriend in his life: Dahlia Hawthorne. And that was basically the textbook definition of “unhealthy relationship.” Phoenix became dangerously obsessed with her, she tried to kill him, and he was secretly in love with her sister the whole time.

How old is Franziska von Karma?

Franziska is a prosecutor who first appears in the second case of the second game, Phoenix Wright: Justice For All; Reunion, and Turnabout.

Franziska von Karma
Age PW:JFA: 18 PW:T&T: 19 AAI:ME: 19 (13 in flashback case)
Occupation Prosecutor
Family Father: Manfred von Karma

Will Powers jack hammer?

Will Powers is an actor best known for playing the titular role in The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo. He was the defendant in the murder of co-star Jack Hammer, being Wright’s first client since taking charge of Wright & Co. Law Offices. He was also a witness for the murder of Juan Corrida.

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What happened to Apollo Justice Eye?

Wracked with guilt at the thought that he considered his friend and co-worker suspicious, Apollo chose to wear a bandage over his eye so he would not be able to sense any of Cykes’s tells.

Is Edgeworth scared of earthquakes?

He woke up inside a hospital; by that time, Gregory Edgeworth was dead, fatally shot in the heart by Yogi’s pistol. Miles developed a deathly fear of earthquakes and elevators from the incident.

What Color Is Miles Edgeworth suit? Miles Edgeworth Chief Prosecutor Red Suit Set Halloween Cosplay Costume : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry.

Did Phoenix Wright lose a case?

Mr. Phoenix Wright! The daughter of legendary prosecutor Manfred von Karma. Born and raised in Germany, she became a prosecutor at the age of 13, and hasn’t lost a case since.