Do you lose karma if you delete a comment?

Nope. Deleting posts or comments neither loses you any positive karma gained nor restores to you any negative karma lost. However, some subs will not look too kindly upon it if you delete too often, so be judicious about it.

Do deleted comments affect karma?

At the moment, the karma you gain or lose is independent of the posts you gain or lose it from. In other words, deleting a post won’t strip you of the karma you built with it!

Does deleting comment restore karma?

Even if you delete a comment, the karma for this subreddit will stay the same. So, no need to gamble the karma system of reddit. Post meaning and fun stuff and you’ll start gaining the karma naturally.

How do I lose karma?

When one of your comments or posts is ‘up-voted’ karma is applied to your account. Equally, when your comments or posts are ‘down-voted’, you lose karma.

Do you lose karma when you Downvote?

The only person to lose karma is the one that gets downvoted.

What happens if I delete a comment on reddit?

You’re both half-right. Comments that are deleted (either self-deleted, removed by a mod/admin, or deleted from account deletion) will disappear as long as no one replied to it. This behavior is the same, no matter how the comment gets deleted.

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What does it mean when you lose karma on reddit?

You get Reddit Post Karma when people upvote anything that you post; you lose it when you get downvoted. How do you get Comment Karma on Reddit? It’s the same principle—you get Comment Karma when Reddit users upvote your comments, and you lose Karma when they downvote your comments. It’s that simple.

What happens if you get negative karma on reddit?

If a user has a high karma score, it means their posts and comments are well-liked, so they’re viewed as more of an authority within the community. A low or negative karma score means the user’s interactions upset people, and usually point toward the user being a bot, spammer, or troll.

How can I get karma?

You can earn karma in a few different ways:

  1. Posting and commenting. When your posts or comments get upvoted, you gain some karma—so making posts and comments that communities find valuable is the best way to gain karma. …
  2. Giving awards. When you receive or give awards, you also gain some karma.

How is karma calculated?

Karma is calculated in equal measure – if you steal, you will be stolen from, if you murder, you will be murdered, if you make fun of someone, you will be made fun of, if you abuse someone, you will be abused, and so on and so forth. Karma can be be understood properly only in connection with reincarnation.

How does karma work?

So, what is good karma? Good karma is the result of your actions and past impressions, whether it’s a deed, a feeling, or an expression. Your purpose directs the outcome of your action to be positive. Good deeds are rewarded either in this life or the next and they can also determine your karmic relationships.

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Does Downvoting cost karma?

No it doesn’t. Karma is only affected by people upvoting or downvoting your posts/comments. Whether you upvote, downvote, or don’t vote at all will not affect your karma in any way.

Do you lose Reddit karma for Downvotes?

You don’t lose post karma when someone downvotes your posts, [–] only comments [ karma ? ] when someone downvotes your comments.

What is a good karma score on Reddit?

You might be wondering what a “good” Reddit karma score is. For example, the top 1,000 commenters on Reddit have a minimum karma score of 17,300. Meanwhile, the top 1,000 posters have a minimum score 5,400. The top 20 in Reddit karma are all above 500,000.