Question: What should I look for in a yoga sock?

How do I choose yoga socks?

3 How To Choose Yoga Socks

Generally, there are four things you might want to consider when looking for a perfect pair of yoga socks: fabric, style, grips, and size.

What are the best kind of yoga socks?

The 8 best non-slip yoga socks:

  • Best Overall: Ozaiic Non-Slip Yoga Socks.
  • Best Affordable: Gaiam Grippy Yoga Socks.
  • Best Splurge: Lululemon Find Your Balance Studio Ankle Sock.
  • Most Stylish: Shashi Glitter Non-Slip Socks.
  • Best Toeless: Hylaea Half Toe Yoga Socks.
  • Best with Arch Support: Sweaty Betty Barre Gripper Socks.

Are yoga socks better with or without toes?

Yoga is often associated with wearing flowy clothes that allow the air to flow in and out and bare feet that provide that sense of groundedness. Therefore, a lot of people opts for toeless socks with a big opening on the top. This is good for experienced yogis but not always best for beginners.

Are yoga socks worth it?

Not only do yoga socks provide some extra grip, but they also wick away sweat, keep your feet warm during floor poses, and have a hygienic aspect — they can protect your skin from exposure to fungus and bacteria in public places.

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What do yoga socks look like?

The first kind of yoga socks look exactly like your regular ones but have added grip on the bottom to prevent slipping in the studio. Next, some kinds come with toe holes so you can feel mobility in your feet while you practice.

What is the point of grippy socks?

As their name suggests, grip socks, also known as non-slip socks, grip your feet to the surface. Grip socks are commonly used in hospitals and senior care facilities to minimize the risk of patient falls.

Are grip socks good for yoga?

Just as you would invest in a durable yoga mat or supportive activewear, you should also invest in high-performance grip socks. While it may seem super obvious, grip socks really do help with, well, your grip! They allow your feet to get a sturdier hold on equipment while also improving your stability and balance.

Why do yoga socks have holes in the top?

Different companies play with different breathable fabrics or small holes to help ventilate the socks. This also keeps your legs warm while stretching in your yoga class or while pushing yourself to your limits in barre class. This is a great option to keep your muscles warm and prevent injuries from cold muscles.

Are Pilates socks the same as yoga socks?

Yoga socks (also known as grip socks or pilates socks) are hard wearing, extra grippy and sometimes moisture-wicking for hot sessions.

What are the benefits of yoga socks?

Yoga socks help to keep your toes and feet in the right position, which in turn, allows you to get into the right pose. Of course, whenever you undertake a yoga session in a studio, you may need to share mats or perform asanas without mats.

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Why are yoga socks Toeless?


Allows for better tactile feel and helps to improve balance and stability.